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003 – Fiona Forbes: Vancouver Media Maven, Adaptive Self-Starter + Entrepreneur

003 – Fiona Forbes: Vancouver Media Maven, Adaptive Self-Starter + Entrepreneur

Ashley is very excited to announce that her premiere guest on the podcast is the one-and-only Vancouver media maven, Fiona Forbes!

Listen as Fiona recounts her early days as a TV talk show host, initially a gig she auditioned for on a dare from her father to help her overcome her self-described paralyzing fear of public speaking – all for the sake of learning whether or not she would be up for a career as a lawyer (and having to speak in front of courtrooms). After years of preparing for law school, Fiona bravely pivoted towards an extremely successful career in media to become one of the best-known names in the city.

Fiona’s story is one about trying new things, finding your passion, listening to your gut, and navigating an unknown and evolving landscape with courage and accountability. Today, as a successful freelancer (and entrepreneur – whether she calls herself one or not), she manages a busy, yet mostly balanced West Coast lifestyle which includes a number of roles, gigs, titles, and ongoing adaptability – including her new role as Vice President of Production and Content at InvestmentPitch Media.

In her 20+ year career, Fiona Forbes has won many awards and accolades for her work in media, which includes production, TV, radio, print, and an impressive 17 year run hosting on Shaw TV (most notably “The Rush” and “Urban Rush”). She has interviewed over 30,000 people, including influential leaders such as David Suzuki, politicians (including Prime Ministers), actors (hear her experience interviewing then-actor and bodybuilder – now political figure – Arnold Schwarzenegger), and so many more.

She offers expert advice to young people seeking a career in media – one that is anything but traditional in 2019. In the end, raw talent matters the most, but a commitment to the craft is key. What Fiona also clearly displays is strong versatility and the ability to continuously look forward and explore new avenues and ideas – an asset for any entrepreneur.

Also, make note that Fiona offers several services that may be of interest to you – including media training & on-camera coaching, event emcee, digital and social media content creation, and brand ambassador.

You can also catch Fiona weekly on her Global News “Open House” segment and her “On Stage” live concert series on JoyTV.

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