001 - Intro: The Ashley Smith Podcast... Who is this Girl? A host with a hope. - vancouveravenue.ca

001 – Intro: The Ashley Smith Podcast… Who is this Girl? A host with a hope.

001 – Intro: The Ashley Smith Podcast… Who is this Girl? A host with a hope.

Ashley Smith | 30-Something Realtor, Chair of the Board, and mostly still figuring it all out.

This is Ashley Smith’s long-awaited (by her) first podcast episode. Mainly an intro to her and intentions with the show, as well as a slight peek in to her procrastinating tendencies and her strife with becoming a mid-30 something who has had some success, but is pursuing life purpose (maybe it’s an elder millennial thing). Basically, it’s time for her to put her thoughts and voice out in to this crazy world, with hopes of adding value to the listener through interviews, interesting and timely topics, thinking about leadership, business, entrepreneurship, and the future – all with a Canadian twist.

Ashley is a REALTOR® in Vancouver, British Columbia – but this show will not be predominantly about her business (though we expect some casual fall-backs in to the conversation around the housing market and related issues). She also currently sits as the President (Chair and Media Spokesperson) for the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver in 2019 – its 100th year in operation. Her unique perspective as the youngest-ever (and 5th female) President of the 14,000+ member organization, has helped shape the way she looks at the world, and she is keen to lean in to leadership in other organizations and sectors in the years to come.

Ashley dives in to her plan to bring in Canadian entrepreneurs, artists, community and business leaders, to explore emerging trends, strategies, and complex issues – primarily from the Vancouver area (for now).

This is really a beta episode, but she hopes you enjoy getting to know a little bit about her thoughts and the way she sees the current landscape. Originally this intro show was meant as a “sound-check”, so no notes or thoughts were outlined prior to recording. Mostly she had a glass of wine and decided to randomly go for it after 4-5 years of putting it off. Bare with her as she explores her first time articulating her thoughts out loud – it was time for her to make the plunge. Enjoy! Please subscribe, comment openly, and she would love a few 5-star ratings to get the show going!

PS. Literally the day after this recording, Uber made a press release that they are FINALLY coming to the Vancouver region!

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